Building Better User Experiences

Focusing on the best user journey helps keep design intuitive. It results in an experience users will trust when they need your content again, helping ensure return visitors.

New Approaches, Big Rewards

Case study: CTA redesign

As part of site improvements, we wanted to refresh our email subscription sign-up boxes. Through research and discussion, we chose to take a bold direction. Using the idea that a penny is round, we created a new round CTA fly-in for our homepage.



Immediate increase in newsletter signups as a result. In testing, the different shape played a big part along with more approachable language.

Creative and well-designed social ad campaigns help drive our audience to partner content, in turn helping those companies grow their businesses.

We were able to drive up conversions by double digits over a period of three months in which we focused on creating higher quality ads and at a higher volume.


Design System

At The Penny Hoarder, I had the opportunity to build the company's first online design system. Design systems help in documenting changes to your site and products. Beyond a simple style guide, design systems help teams with consistency in typography, colors and templates.

Company Design

It’s always a great feeling to play a part in making team members feel great about the work they do and the place they do it. 

The Penny Hoarder needed a special anniversary card to mark their years of service. 

The idea of the piggy bank under construction connected with the idea that we’re all working together to build a company.

I'm the CEO!!!

You had to look closely at the snowflakes for our annual holiday card at The Penny Hoarder.